Digital: Product Range Repeat
'Product range repeat': The animations stem from experience developing Playstation computer games at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The work also reflects an interest in the proliferation of images in advertising and the aggressive marketing campaigns used to instil brand awareness in the consumer. Short movies typically run on a tight loop of a few seconds where repetition and syncopated animations create a frenetic sequence that echoes the continual feed of images of luxury brands experienced in modern life.

The work uses a shared vocabulary found in many commercial adverts and also makes a connection with the still life genre -particularly Juan Van der Hamen, Desportes and Baugin - in the presentation of objects and the stimulation of desire.

The still images are rendered outputs from a 3D digital scene, making the link between still life painting and contemporary presentation of consumer products more explicit. The scene is stripped of most direct links to specific brands that may have influenced the overall look, it is then reconfigured in virtual 3D - modelled, shaded, lit - giving a degree of separation from the original source material and the flexibility to manipulate the scene and camera to suit the specific work. The works are abstracted to the point where still life, consumer products, and Modernist forms converge.