Painting: CokeCola
'CokeCola Paintings': Widespread familiarity with ‘Coke Cola’ is used as the basis for creating paintings that can evoke specific responses linked to a product, but also address anxieties about the influence of corporate branding – the steady erosion of the private sphere in the face of commercial pressures on the consumer.

Awareness of a brand can trigger desire simply by association; colour and logo activating a broad area of play between abstract formality and associations dredged up from the consumer subconscious. The ‘Coke’ paintings are re-worked from memory, drawing on the accumulation of advertising imagery that we encounter on a daily basis. The imagery is memorized, re-worked, chopped, edited. The work explores the point at which the link the consumer makes to a product can be broken; successive minor alterations cancel out any associations, cutting it loose, casting it adrift.